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About Forrealism

"...We pay homage to great civilizations of pre-Columbian Americas and acknowledge the 21st century canon of Native American art."


The Forrealism Movement is composed of a group of mixed Indian and Latino artists who create works collectively, drawing from our own traditions and those of our elders who have shared gifts of their wisdom and experience. We do not purport to be religiously bound to these traditions; rather we strive to deconstruct racial barriers in order to construct cultural bridges toward a greater indigenous consciousness.

As urban Indians working in a city where many cultures come together, the scope of our work spans the Americas. It is not limited to symbolism from our particular cultural background; we serve our community more generally. No one of these traditions defines us, nor do we attempt to expose the complexities and rites of traditions that require specific intention to understand.

We strive instead to relate concepts and ideological systems and natural cycles that all people have in common. Certain of our images have elicited extremely enthusiastic response. The popularity of these images attests to an innate call for people of all cultures to grasp cyclical concepts of place and being. Our intention is to remind, remember, recover, realize: