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Finding Forrealism

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Education Projects

Available Lectures & Presentations:

The Power of Chocolate: Cacao in the Art of Meso-America

This program explores the rich history and ongoing story of chocolate and the world of cacao through the art and culture of Meso-America.

Days of the Dead Art: From Meso-America to Contemporary Expressions.

This lecture focuses on the history and function of death imagery in pre conquest Mesoamerica, the colonial period, and contemporary cultural reflections.

Sharing our Traditions

This lecture focuses on the Days of the Dead cultural practices and traditions of Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and the US with special focus on the state of California.
Cultural Practices for Honoring our Departed Loved Ones
This lecture explores the tradition of Days of the Dead as practiced in parts of Latin America and illuminates global traditions for honoring ancestors.

Death as Satire: The Living Tradition of Calaveras of Posada

A look at the cultural traditions of Calaveras throughout the 19th & 20th Century, and the satirical use of death as a political, social, and cultural commentator.

El Color de la Muerte (see discription below)

A lecture that focuses on the Days of the Dead as practiced in California with special emphasis on the Days of the Dead Project at the Oakland Museum of California.

Demonstrations/ Workshops

These demonstrations can be adapted for families, adults or school children. We can schedule these workshops at specific times so that there is a beginning and end or we can have them be on a drop in basis. The workshops can also be at a small fee to $5 - $15 to help with the cost of materials.

• How to make a Days of the Dead altar
• Cartoneria (Paper Mache) make skeleton masks
• Box Assemblages- Creating personal shrines and altars
• Papel picado and paper flowers
• Sand Carpet
• Community Ofrenda

Create a group ofrenda at your place!

To get the your staff, friends, or family in the spirit of Days of the Dead we provide a short workshop on how to build an altar. We can then create a community altar and ask folks to bring items to place on it. (Supplies $200)